Class Descriptions

Ready to deepen your yoga practice and experience the many benefits of our unique classes? So why wait? Book your class today and discover the amazing benefits of our unique approach to yoga. We can't wait to help you on your journey to greater health and happiness. Join us at Element Yoga and experience the transformative power of yoga for yourself!


Experience our invigorating ELEMENT Flow Heated Vinyasa class, perfect for strengthening and flexibility! Engage in a centering warm-up, a breath-connected Vinyasa flow, and a challenging core series before ending with a calming cool-down and savasana. Elevate your practice in a dynamic 85-92°F environment, fostering personal growth and mind-body harmony.



Discover ELEMENT 101, the ideal class for beginning or reigniting your yoga journey, tailored to support your growth. Expert instructors guide you through posture alignment, proper sequencing, and a calming stretch with savasana. Perfect for beginners or returnees, enhance your practice in a refreshing 68-85°F environment, fostering a strong foundation for your yoga journey. 

Flow + Chill

Discover ELEMENT Flow + Chill, merging signature flow and restorative yoga for a transformative experience. Begin with centering and relaxation, followed by sun salutations and breath-to-movement flow. Transition to gentle postures for stress regulation and nervous system balance. Enjoy non-heated or 75-82°F classes with provided props for an enhanced and rejuvenating practice.

Deep stretch yin

Discover ELEMENT Deep Stretch Yin, a nourishing yoga practice focused on releasing tension and providing relaxation for body and mind, while fostering inner balance and tranquility. Experience floor postures held for minutes, offering a deep stretch for joints and muscles. Suitable for all levels, it's perfect for recovery or unwinding after a busy day. Enjoy a comfortable 75-82°F environment and join us for this transformative practice, designed to enhance your well-being.

Barre Flow

Join ELEMENT Barre Flow for a fun, powerful workout blending Eastern and Western influences. Strengthen and stabilize your core through a four muscle group series using props like dumbbells, balls, and bands. Enjoy improved endurance, flexibility, strength, and balance, ending with a peaceful stretch and savasana. Brookhaven classes are 68°F (socks required), while Peachtree Hills are 75-85°F (mat required). All levels are welcome—experience the energizing power of ELEMENT Barre Flow.

Breathwork + Meditation

Join our 45-minute Breathwork + Meditation class, guiding you through powerful yogic breathing techniques and calming meditation for health, vitality, and mental clarity. Practice "pranayama" to balance your mind and body, naturally leading to a peaceful meditative state. With available props and expert guidance, this class is suitable for all levels. Escape daily stress and experience inner peace and well-being through yogic breathing and meditation.


Experience ELEMENT Tone, a total body workout blending traditional functional fitness with mindful yoga. Tone and sculpt major muscle groups through high-intensity, low-impact strength building and cardio, bookended by yoga. Stay motivated with an upbeat playlist throughout. Brookhaven requires socks, while Peachtree Hills needs a mat; both enjoy a comfortable 68-74°F environment. Suitable for all levels, join ELEMENT Tone for a fun, challenging, and rejuvenating workout.


Discover inner peace with ELEMENT Meditation, a guided practice connecting you to your silent, peaceful nature. Observe your being, release mental and emotional blocks, and unlock your life's potential. Develop self-awareness, clarity, energy, loving-kindness, and joy through regular practice. Our experienced teacher guides you through a powerful meditation adaptable to daily life. Suitable for all levels with no prior experience needed, and props available for comfort.


Experience ELEMENT Sculpt, the ultimate total body workout combining yoga and strength training. Tone and sculpt every major muscle group using props to build strength, boost cardio, and enhance your yoga practice on a comfortable mat. Challenge yourself physically and mentally, while maintaining meditative yoga aspects. Stay motivated with an upbeat playlist in a 68-74°F environment suitable for all levels. Join ELEMENT Sculpt for a strong, toned, and rejuvenated feeling.