Our Teachers
Parisa Hervani

Parisa (ERYT200) is the owner of Element Yoga and has been practicing yoga for over 16 years. Prior to founding Element, Parisa worked in corporate finance. However, her love for yoga and the healing it brought to her life inspired her to pursue her 200YTT at Infinity Yoga. Parisa’s yoga practice helped her shift from living in fear to living from a place of love. Her experience led her to create Element Yoga, a space that promotes not just physical but also emotional and spiritual well-being. Parisa has a passion for travel and loves to lead international yoga retreats with the Element family. With a background in dance, she is a barre enthusiast with a yogi soul and the creator behind Element Barre Flow. Parisa believes that movement is essential for the body and stillness is crucial for the mind. Her classes reflect this philosophy, providing upbeat and challenging sequences followed by moments of rest and relaxation.

Octavia Nasr

Octavia is the lead instructor of Element’s YTT. She is an E-RYT500, YACEP, and the author of one of our YTT texts “The Identity of Yoga: Contemporary Vs. Traditional Yogic Discourse”. Octavia is a certified yoga teacher in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Yoga Nidra. She is initiated in Vedic chanting and yoga philosophy by Sadhvi Abha Saraswati of Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, India, where she will visit with her students on Element’s India Retreat this Fall. When Octavia is off her mat, you can find her managing Georgia State University’s TV, teaching journalism, chanting, or meditating

Tim Lam

Tim is a veteran in the Atlanta yoga teacher community with over 1000 classes and 7 years of teaching experience under his belt.  He has a Master’s in Kinesiology from the University of Texas and an undergrad in Exercise physiology from UGA.  You can tell when you take one of his classes that he incorporates all his knowledge of human movement into each of his classes.  Besides practicing yoga daily – Tim enjoys going to the dog park with his two dogs, Rex and Hank.

Courtenay Teitelbaum

Courtenay has been teaching yoga in Atlanta since 2016. He has taught full-time since 2017 and can’t imagine doing anything else. If you asked him what his job is he’d have to chuckle a bit and tell you he doesn’t have one. They say it’s not work if you do what you love and that’s the best way he can explain it. Yoga found Courtenay as a way for him to deal with chronic back pain. Pills and medication have never been an option for him and he’s been able to put his socks on comfortably for the last 5 years. He loves sharing this practice with anyone who’s willing to put in the work. He can’t wait to meet you on the mat.

Erin Borenstein

Erin’s first experience of yoga was at ten years old. It didn’t quite stick at the time, but years later, she found yoga again. After struggling through a Vinyasa class and thinking that yoga probably wasn’t for her, the class ended with a pose called savasana. It was the most blissful few minutes of her life and from then on, she dedicated herself to learning and sharing yoga. Erin is an E-RYT who has taught at numerous Atlanta studios and companies. She’s sought out deeper studies in Yoga Nidra Meditation with Richard Miller, Restorative with Judith Hanson Lasater, asana alignment with Maty Ezraty, Ashtanga with Sava Giorgi Savaneli and Yin with Mahapatha Yoga.

Doug Johnson

With well over 1000 hours of training under his belt Douglas Johnson – E-RYT 500, YACEP has led a countless number of classes, meditations, yoga nidras, kirtans, retreats, workshops, and teacher-trainings in his more than two decades of teaching. Douglas has had the privilege to study with some of the best that modern yoga has to offer like Paul Grilley (Yin Yoga), Amrit and Kamini Desai (Amrit Yoga), Andrey Lappa (Universal Yoga), Deva Parnell (Kripalu), Rod Stryker (Para Yoga), ‘Yoganand’ Michael Carroll (Pranakriya, Kripalu). Expect new and challenging postures in his flow classes and to learn about subtle energy, anatomy, and yoga philosophy in his Yin classes

Meghan Meeks

Meghan has her group fitness instructor certification with AFAA (American Fitness Association of America). She currently teaches sculpt at Element Yoga and water aerobics at Lifetime in Sandy Springs. She loves teaching, coaching and motivating her students, plays the best music and offers challenging interval training in her sculpt class. Meghan has two young children Madison and Mason. This fun loving soul is also a creative entrepreneur and is the mastermind behind Prayer Sticks.

Scarlett Chang

Scarlett got her 200RYT at Infinity/Yogaworks. She teaches intentionally sequenced, alignment based yoga that is inclusive and supportive. When she’s not on her mat, she’s reading, watching cooking shows or planning her next getaway. She looks forward to leading you in a graceful and tranquil class.

Melanie Marcano

Melanie is a 200HR RYT teacher that is passionate about all things adventure and  mind-body connection. A certified Wilderness First Responder, she loves guiding people into unfamiliar territory and further into deeper places within themselves- be it on the mat or on the mountain. Melanie started practicing yoga during the recovery of two torn ACLs, and got her certification under Jenny Holding at Yogaworks/Infinity. Because of this, her aim is creating alignment based, accessible but challenging flows that facilitate movement as medicine, uniting the body mind and breath. Expect a palo-santo infused meditative flow that dances between the duality of effort and ease ending with a calming lavender oil temple massage. ( And you can probably also expect some backcountry adventure stories, too. )

Malik Khalid
Malik Khalid

Malik Khalid is an Atlanta native, Liforme Ambassador, Yoga Teacher, Podcast Host, and Servant Leader who resides at the intersection of wellness, design, and human exploration. May 2018 Khalid completed his 200hr Teacher Training and since taught over 3,000 students at all levels. 

Cass Dow
Cass Dow

Cass completed her 200RYT at Mission Beach Yoga in San Diego, CA. She’s been mentored by Element’s co-owner Jenny Holding. And is a part of a cadre studying under Jaimee Ratliff. She was introduced to yoga as a form of cross-training by a coach in college. Having studied Sports Management in both undergrad and graduate school, she loves working with “the everyday athlete”. Expect deep rejuvenating postures, breathwork, and excerpts from her latest read. When not in the studio she enjoys hikes with her pup, stand-up paddle boarding, or taking a challenging barre class.

Candice Wells
Candice Wells

Candice Wells is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor with specialized training in the Lagree Method, Barre, Practical Pilates, Yoga and Therapeutic Immersion. She developed a passion for music, dance at an early age and became drawn to fitness practices incorporating the mind and the body while in college. She believes that when our physical bodies begin to function more properly through exercise, we can begin to see profound positive effects in our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Candice’s mission is to encourage each client to gain increased strength and confidence as they work to reach their own personal goals. She enjoys choreographing each class format and sequence to be both physically challenging and efficient while providing a safe, nurturing, energetic and most importantly FUN environment where everyone can feel successful.

Georgia Northcutt
Georgia Northcutt

Georgia is a dedicated yoga and barre instructor. She is a 500 hour yoga teacher after graduating with her 200 hours from Element Yoga in January of 2023, and her 300 hours from School Yoga Institute (in Costa Rica) in July of 2023. Georgia’s 300 hour training specialized in Holistic Yoga Psychology and Intuitive Wisdom. Her barre training was through Pure Barre, and she has enjoyed teaching barre at multiple studios over the last few years. Georgia has a bachelor’s degree in African and African Diaspora Studies from Kennesaw State University, and spent a year in South Africa where she taught young children about health and fitness. Georgia is in the process of receiving her somatic coaching certification and can’t wait to combine yoga and somatics for her students. Georgia has a passion for teaching, and one of her primary goals is to spread love for strength and body positivity.

Sahil Jabbehdari
Sahil Jabbehdari

Sahil has always dabbled with different styles of exercise to help release all that extra energy trapped inside. Everything was meh.. One day, she was introduced to hot yoga and she was hooked. Unlike the gym, yoga was guided, intentful and created a sense of community but with the space to focus on self-practice. At first, it was all about the physical benefits, holding on to silly stereotypes, but after many years, Sahil finally opened up to the mental teachings of yoga and embraced all of which the practice has to offer. She got her 200hr Certification in Fall of 2020 thru Highland Hot Yoga Studio. Sahil’s classes are energetic and lively. It’s okay if you aren’t flexible!! Put your ego aside and come thru! Playful tone with encouraging cues to challenge yourself towards a deeper practice, no matter what skill level you are. Emphasis on breath-to-movement, quieting your thoughts, and just have fun! Continuous, fluid sequences with a banging playlist!

Craig Cumper

Craig has been teaching yoga since 2016. He received his 200hr at CorePower Yoga and a 100hr at YogaWorks. Craig has also received additional certifications throughout his career including restorative yoga and advanced power yoga training. He got really interested in yoga after suffering from a back injury. Yoga helped Craig avoid getting surgery and helped heal himself both physically and mentally. He stated “I never thought I would become a yoga teacher myself. But, I thought if I can bring the healing benefits of yoga to others, I’m in.”

Sumayya Allen
Sumayya Allen

In February 2017, Sumayya completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in Athletic Power Yoga at Hotlanta Yoga. She subsequently taught full-time and even offered workshops on handstands and arm balances, co-taught teacher trainings, and led yoga retreats up until the pandemic. Post pandemic, she focuses on her aromatherapy candle business, Wild Earth Mama, and is back in the studio teaching!
Sumayya draws inspiration from her love of yoga, handstands, and her personal journey. She aims to motivate her students to listen to their bodies and recognize any self-imposed mental limits that hinder their progress in yoga. Her classes are characterized by intention, creativity, playfulness, and challenge.

Kate Wright
Kate Wright

Kate is a yoga teacher who emphasizes the importance of being present and aware during practice. She offers gentle Vinyasa Flow classes that nourish both the body and mind, and believes that yoga is a complementary practice that enhances sensitivity, proprioception, discipline, and release. For Kate, yoga is a way of life that empowers individuals to become their own healer and guides them to their truest form. During college, Kate grew committed to her yoga practice, connecting with it spiritually and experiencing significant personal growth through consistency. This led her to become a yoga teacher and share her love of yoga with others. She began teaching in 2018 as part of REI’s outdoor program, and completed her RYT-200 at Asheville Yoga Center in January 2020.
Kate’s all levels classes are designed to balance and refresh, with a focus on breath-to-movement, low-impact warm-ups, rejuvenating standing sequences, and a restorative wind down, all set to a vibin’ playlist.

Winnie Peng

Winnie is a yoga teacher with a passion for lifelong learning. She initially didn’t connect with yoga but rediscovered it while working in interior design. After leaving her dream job due to health concerns, she committed to a healthier lifestyle and eventually completed yoga teacher training to deepen her practice. Winnie’s classes focus on Vinyasa Flow and finding balance between strength and flexibility while guiding students to connect with their breath. Expect challenging sequences and to break a sweat in her classes!

Miji Lee
Miji Lee

Miji is a certified yoga teacher and has been a dedicated practitioner since she first met yoga in her 20s in Seoul, South Korea. Struggling with burnout from graduate school and work, she found great solace in yoga, and yoga has been her sanctuary ever since. She leads intentionally sequenced, mindful movement with attention to breath, set to an artfully curated playlist. She hopes to encourage her students to explore and engage into deep conversation with their body, mind and soul—and ultimately life itself. She is devoted to making every person step off the mat feeling connected to their Higher Self, community and the universe from a place of abundance and stillness.

Natalie Hire
Natalie Hire

Natalie received her 200 RYT certification at Element in 2023. She started practicing yoga In 2012 and quickly began to love and appreciate all of the physical, mental, and emotional benefits that yoga brings. She can’t imagine her life without it. Natalie hopes to share the joy of the practice with each of her students. When not on the mat, Natalie works as a speech-language pathologist.

Reeves Trivette

Reeves is a skilled and dedicated yoga teacher based in Atlanta. With her 200-hour training from Y7 studio in New York and years of personal practice, she has developed a unique teaching style that emphasizes intuitive movement, accessibility, and directional cueing. In her classes, Reeves creates a dynamic and music-driven environment that encourages students to explore freedom in their bodies as they move through their own unique processes of self-discovery and self-awareness.

Reeves is committed to creating compassionate spaces for her students to practice yoga. She encourages them to connect with their breath, tune into their bodies, and integrate their internal and external worlds. Additionally, she is constantly expanding her knowledge and expertise through training in yoga, breathwork, meditation, Thai yoga bodywork, and sound healing. Through her classes and workshops, Reeves offers a holistic approach to wellness that supports her students on their journey to greater health and wellbeing.

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Coco Bartlett

With a 200hr yoga certification, Coco has been teaching Vinyasa power classes since 2020. She continued her yoga education in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga. Previously a competitive dancer, Coco assembles unique sequences focusing on alignment and breath that will challenge and develop your physical and mental yoga practice. She’s an early bird, so look for her in the morning classes!

Leyla Christopher

Leyla is a trauma informed vinyasa based teacher. She has advance training in Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin/Facia Release, Dynamic/Energetic Yin, Yoga Nidra, Sequencing, Alignment & Adjustments, and Trauma. Her classes are intention focused and inspirational. While her voice will soothe you, she will challenge you and certainly empower you. Inspired by her own yogic journey, her flows and playlist vary as do the illuminating intentions.  You can expect hands on adjustments, easy to understand cuing, and encouraging words in every class.